There Is No Denying, Hell-idays Are For Real

It’s like your big day and you are being badmouthed, oh hell, can’t people stay away from your zone and get a life without infesting somebody else especially yours? This is what you call a helliday. This happens all the time, unless you pack up your things and bring yourself to an isolated island.  But, hey, hellidays are like ordinary days, wherever you are, they become part of your routines. There is hell in everything you do unless you compromise. Not everything attains the success of satisfying your ‘legal’ self. You are you, and to satisfy you is a weighty obligation  for anything or someone else.

Long-distance Relationship Is A Wide Field Of Compromising (Who says NO?!!). You are married and your spouse flies away for a never-ending period of time.Girl, I can feel you.  This is a big time deal of compromising with your time, efforts, money issues and most of all emotional obligations. It’s hell everytime you wake up in the morning you only have your lappy or your phone to embrace with instead of your better half.  This sounds so right. And I swear to all existing goddesses out there, being dependent on digital devices for this kind of relationship has no difference compare to being a drug dependent. After all, love is a drug. Whoa!

Experiencing Menorrhagia Is A Fatal Catalyst Of  Every Woman’s Mood.  Heavy flows are murderers of every woman’s bubbling mood. And tampons are the best friends that a woman can ever have at the crux of the situation. For men, you cannot tell if a woman is experiencing a disastrous flow, right? You just have to guess it. If you guess it right, you can be so lucky to save yourself from a fatal treatment. It’s an aching situation that intends to limit a woman’s activity for the period of time, So, invariably expect her mood to explode when things collide. So, three words for that: Just Watch Out.

Facebook Is A Reliable (Online) Promotional Vehicle For One’s Existence.  Everyone loves Facebook especially its completely free products and services. Friends and other extra persons are just click away. You don’t have to prove things about your targets and subjects through unreliable sources. All you have to do is open their pages on the Facebook and patiently apply your good reading and researching skills. And dang, you get all the information served except for some hidden juicy details the owner is trying to conceal. Well, smart users are smart when it comes to privacy. 

         So, when you are feeling hell being haunted through Facebook, keep it in mind that it’s a public territory, so if you are getting paranoid of the situation, set your privacy settings consciously. Being remarkably cautious really helps a lot.

Being Unplugged Can Explode One’s Hidden Bomb.  Uninterrupted internet connection services are not only valuable for one’s demanding consumption. It is precious as it empowers one’s soul. For either happy or lonely  heart, being e-connected is already an act of self satisfaction. Otherwise, one’s bomb will find its way towards a disastrous explosion.

It’s A Joy Reading FB Posts In English….However.. The advantage of being an English writer or reader of other races. And the disadvantage of having English as your first language.  You feel stuck up when you cannot read other posts in other languages, right? It only means that you have to stay behind and never get into others’ territory of discussion or thoughts anymore. This feels hellish when you are so engrossed reading posts to get updated and you just realize your comments are not welcome anymore. For that matter, your friend’s privacy scheme has been attained.


When Power Is Out

The power is out! And it’s a date for me and my Word Processor (WP) as Silence joins our engagement. Darkness is too powerful and dominating that I can feel its heaviness in my chest wooing me to walk out from this candlelit threesome forum. Oh, I just love us. My endearing WP is just too accommodating of my random thoughts, you know, the typical thoughts of an average person just like me— whose drive for writing is on-going. On the other side of the triangle, Silence makes an effort to disentangle Darkness’ forbidden mission: pushing us triplets into the state of dormancy for its take over plan. Haha, come on Darkness deliver our endearment to hell before we take our own effective move resulting to the failure of your gigantic efforts.

Sigh, I wanna play goddess of light for tonight and switch on the power of the entire universe. My candle now falters and waving goodbye.  Silence still touches my spirit, and loving it as an absolute admission to the serenity of our companionship.

I wanna thank WP for babysitting this very Self of mine especially for tonight – though this is just one of the thousand nights we have done together.

Goodnight Darkness.  Though your name connotes negative vibes, well sure it is, right – you made us special as we grace your entire domination. WP and I are like fireflies  in your kingdom, we’re the only couple beaming with happiness as these words run through the hallway of my keyboard.

Welcome to my literary affair, as I pump life into it. This is not an end,  only a commencement towards a vertical literary evolution.

A Kiss From A Blade

A kiss

from a thin lip

so fervid

that a line of blood


tempting scented vigil candles to light,

and wooing fresh white roses to bloom

for a ceremony

of perpetual silence.


In The Letter


rhythmic beatings

diffused from the tiny vessel

of your pen.


Words circulated,

soothed the widely opened chambers

you beheld within.


And dwelt.


Connecting waves of palpitations;

transcribing its way

edge to edge,

flowing in one direction,

trapping your thoughts in paper

to set your feelings



When Boredom Attacks At Your Workplace

          Boredom has been my biggest attacker when I am in the middle of my office works. It usually crawls from my toes to the top of my head until I get suffocated by its claws. So, for remedies, which can be applicable to anyone at any circumstances, I formulated the following (while deadline gets into my nerves) not quite the solutions but at least they can soothe you while still finding any recipes to wipe out boredom syndrome.

  • Play mind games on your computer.  My boss told that it’s okay to play brain teasing games while inside our cubicles. So playing becomes a habit. Or even worse than that, even the boss seemed to be not existing at all when I once became engrossed by the game. Well, playing the same was empowered by his superior permission that enjoying it is worth the compensated hours. Voila!
  •  Talk to the boss about his interests. When you don’t want to work on your reports and beat the deadline then get a chance to approach your superior and open up with things he or she is eager to talk about. However, before you engage yourself with anything with the big man or woman, be sure that he or she is in the brightest mood. Otherwise, you might end up being “expelled”.
  •  Invite everyone to have a 3:00 PM habit. My office mates and I made a habit to have tea or coffee break at 3:00 PM every office day. We consume at least an hour for that to cure our daily boredom. Our superiors get involve, of course. The superiors are accommodated gracefully for the sake of the “tea or coffee party”. It is being ensured that they get VIP treatments. At the same time, we make sure the bosses are having so much fun to add savor to our so-called freedom for less tension to our compensated party.
  •  Write to your blog or journal.  I always avoided the thought of writing, of filling the blank entries in my online journals. Now, I realize I have wasted so much time of not spilling all the thoughts I have, all the yummy ideas I neglected to burst out. There is so much fun in writing, so much gratification by the time you opened up yourself to the world of literary. You become free, at least you have acquired a free outlet for your never ending worries and mental tortures. It is all about having a private counselor, by yourself. So grab your keyboard and spill it out till your fingers surrender. Just pretend you are writing your reports when the boss goes around for workplace check up.
  •  Manage your work area/cubicle. Try to fit everything to suitable places, your files, you paper clips, fasteners, etc. Clean everything. Get rid of unwanted files. Rearrange your filing boxes and computer set. Reorganize your filing system if needed, also your computer files.

At the end, it’s worth it, really. Have fun!

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