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It was never easy accepting the fact of her leaving us. The truth was, it was just a dream for me, a long dream that I would be awakening from in a few hours. But it was not. Even I opened my eyes, I still could see her lifeless body right in front of me and my siblings. And tears were just running down like the rain during its season.
Yes, indeed, rainy season. It’s on the 6th of August when mom left for her eternal rest. We were picked up one by one from our classes when she was losing her breathe at the hospital. As I arrived, I saw some of our relatives, her friends and office mates surrounding by her bed. Mom was in great struggle yet so strong fighting the pain inside her. Her eyes were telling much of untold stories, wishes and dreams for our future. Yes, I could read her eyes. Hers were a book that I swear I still bear in my heart as her eldest child. It was too heavy to bear just by staring at her. It meant heavy life without her. For that very moment of my saddest encounter with my mother, I never heard her utter a word for me. Her words were left unspoken, and just left for me to heed the meaning of the saddest expressions I have ever seen from her beloved’s face. It was beautiful looking at her frail countenance though, especially the cheeks I used to kiss before she went to work and every time she came home. (Yeah, kissing her was part of her standard procedures at home, our daily routine.) My bliss for the last time.

But, it was never really a good sight for me, even if it’s my own mom there lying on her hospital bed. It was a complete nightmare to be there. I wanted to scream to stop the clock from ticking and even tried to push back the time to our happy days at home, but my mind could only imagine that. Every moment we have spent together was already becoming part of the family history.

I could only imagine the cakes she used to prepare during our birthdays. From her death bed, I could only imagine how her strict words have stiffened my whole being every moment of her discipline to us. I begged her, I promised that I would never waver at all during her scoldings as long as she would stay… just one of the innumerable promises that I wished she heard from me…

I told her in my heart: It’s alright mom. I am claiming the days, weeks and years you wanted to spend with us, in your behalf. You knew well how much time you had left and you mustered the courage to ‘sign me in’ in the unfinished business of the family. Just go for the sake of that pain inside of you. You’re great, you did great. I feel you. Thank you so much.

And I kissed her cold forehead for a goodbye. I was afraid. I felt like I lost my knees instantly the moment she gave up on her life. Numbed, I was very much afraid of holding her body. To press myself against her petite figure for our last hug, that never occurred to me. I didn’t want to remember a moment like that of me and my mom. For my last chance, I only pushed myself to hold her hands, even I knew the last warmth of her palms was already leaving mine, I was hearing my heart screaming. This was the very moment I condemned the way my complete sorrow indulged me in that very hour of her demise.

Seeing my mother passed away was the most terrible moment cruelty has ever given me. I felt that my love for her would never be consumed any longer. I felt that it’s the final hour that I would feel her. And our days would never be the same again. Yes, unforgettable. In my lifetime, it commemorates in my thoughts every year. Was the greatest guy above really that cruel? How could he afford to summon my mom to heaven when all her children were yet completely dependent on all of her motherly goodness? Never did I know what the word ‘unfair’ really meant until mom’s passing. Dude, you’re so unfair.

And years have passed, I am what I am right now and I realized that mom’s love for us was larger that her life. She had given me a legacy that I can never trade in other things in my lifetime. Her love links me to our family and to my new family, which follows me everywhere for a better path. Indeed, mother was really there for me and for us.

Great Dude, how can I thank you for that?


Ways to Counter Attack Boredom Domination (Positive Ways to Combat Boredom Dilemma)

          Boredom is a silent but a powerful monster in us. Its domination is universal. It eats one’s self alive, can dominate one’s system like a piece of cake, leaving its prey completely minced and helpless. Boredom annihilation is undeniable, a severe human nature. Everyone and anyone gets a share of it whenever it gets a defying chance. Without any welcoming permission to enter anyone’s sacred self, it can secretly creep in and render an invasion triumphantly even without any single flash of warning.

Photo source: Yahoo images

Photo source: Yahoo images

         Your own boredom can be your own biggest enemy and you can be your own best warrior to win in this combat.


           Wherever you are or whatever the situation is, it doesn’t have to ask for your authority or simply ring you a bell to work for its annihilation on you in order to manipulate your entire system. Hence, boredom, as a system predator, has a natural way of attacking you as an individual. As your defense weakens, it gets a room to push its way. So being readily on guard of yourself can be your best counter attack against this psychological evil. Check on the following guide before boredom finally gets you.

          Get benefit from physical games and brain teasers. Playing a game you enjoy most is one of the easiest way to combat boredom annihilation. It takes away the deliberate effect that gets into our nerves and saves ourselves from an unwanted stressful domination.

          Physical game is one of the easiest way to win over this boredom war. Since stress and getting fed up are the most powerful defense mechanisms of boredom to topple you down, you can always get rid of it from your system with a handful counter attack towards its defeat. So get physical game whenever boredom approaches your stressful days, stay physically alert on your advantage.

          On the other hand, playing brain teasers while at your working hours can be a relieving idea, however it can never be the safest way to treat this disturbing dilemma. If you’re at work, make sure that you get your boss’s approval for such pleasurable engagement at break time or whenever office reports are done and you need mental defragmentation. Always make a mental note that any remedial game at work can be damaging to your career and can be boldly underscored in a terrifying memo. So be mindful always of your act against boredom. Effective or not towards your own remedy is not always acceptable in your corporate environment. So beware of each move that can surely be helpful and could never be an additional stress booster in any way.

      Recharge your professional relationship with the Boss. Knowing your boss is one of the uneasiest challenge of being part of the company. And just the idea of him or her as your superior already suggests a boring state of mind. Corporate inclined discussions can never be that juicy. In the real corporate world, tension is always part of it.

         The idea of being summoned to the big man or woman’s office can always be be the main cause a stiffened backbone. Or even just the sight of him or her approaching your cubicle is already a sign of something which you can never tell. Unless you have this powerful tool of intuition.

          If you have the feeling that you are up to it, you can always make friends with your superiors. And never ignore the idea of knowing them, their interests, including the inner core of their personalities. Top managers are always welcome to bonding sessions with their employees, it’s a sure way for them to easily get management feedback through such ordinary conversations. So grab the chance whenever you can. Corporate boredom can never be easy with all the underlying pressures and deadlines, however knowing your boss in your simplest way helps a lot and lessens the idea of intimidation. Remember, excitement is always a reliever to your boredom.

         The pleasure in having tea or coffee breaks. Working straight for eight hours a day without taking a break can be mentally threatening. Report documents, you computer and your calculator on your desk, these are all boredom boosters. Just the company of them almost everyday can never be a good idea. This makes you the main target of mental stress.

          So, why not take a break. If you cannot go to any outdoor short escapades, take indoor breaks instead. Tea or coffee breaks are cheap ways to ease your boredom. Invite friends or co-workers to spend even just a few minutes to sit down, talk while sipping your favorite tea or discuss the breaking news with a mug of your own choice of coffee.

          Welcome anyone in your small party. Be your own host. Make everybody feel the comfort of everyone’s company. And make sure that stories being brought out would not separate the thoughts of others in the forum. It is remarkable that each of you contributes in the story-telling and not leaving anyone tongue-tied at the end of your tea or coffee session. See to it that the break ends with happy smiles, it signifies another session in progress towards a wholesome meeting.

        Write a blog or simply find a niche in a journal. Writing is free to all. And writing a blog or simply a journal can actually help your mind relax, recharge and breathe through the words written. It is a way of being kind to yourself by writing down the lines for your own reflection. This doesn’t mean that you really have to undergo the ‘Dear Diary’ thing. Just whenever you feel like releasing your stress and exhale boredom, grab your laptop or notebook for some literary escapade.

         Find an ambiance that can really help your ideas to overflow. Or if you prefer a crowded place like a mall or any social area in order to squeeze those mental juices, go ahead. Being convenient in order to soothe yourself matters, so you can always be selective of the place for your literary expressions. Don’t limit yourself to serious narrative entries alone. You can write a story or a poem about anything in the world. What strikes you most today? What particular image do you have in mind right now and why? Produce a story through that mental illustration and make use of your senses to come up with some vivid descriptions.

          Feel the freedom in your writing. Become expressive, let all your expressions flow, and worry not about the grammatical lesions you would encounter while word stitching. You can readily edit your outputs when everything is done, after all it’s yours and you’re the first reader of your own works. So enjoy the pleasure of writing and find yourself through your own story-telling and never let boredom get in your way whenever you feel like splurging out yourself.

          Manage a craft business online. If you have a talent on craft, why don’t you convert that skill into a business online. If your hobby is making bead crafts or pencil drawing, you can come out in the open by venturing online. Business online is the most hype entrepreneurial activity that invades the internet nowadays. Most are into e-shopping because of the convenience of simply clicking a mouse that surely saves one his or her time.

         So go for it. Despise boredom by being empowered by this entrepreneurial inclination. This engagement will surely excite your will. Making use of your skill will bring out the best in you in managing an online store even if in your own level as a neophyte. You will be your own boss and and you get to manage your time at your very own pace.

       Consider this as a challenge, not just by overcoming boredom. This is also a challenge for you in handling a manageable venture which investments are not only cheap but also valuable.

         Surrendering to boredom is a crime to yourself. So maintain a degree of excitements in your very being, otherwise it will dominate you as a helpless target. And it can be a real struggle in getting out of its trap. So bear in mind the benefits of getting into activities that you enjoy before boredom finally undergo a mutation in your system.

Weaving a Dreamcatcher choker as a hobby

a Dreamcatcher choker

My Unstoppable Literary Longing

Photo credit: Squidoo

Photo credit: Squidoo

          Writing makes me a real human and keep me working with all of my senses. Through my entire literary liberation of my thoughts and feelings, I get to explode from within and make it known to the human race that I exist. Without writing, I consider myself as an incredible wart on the face of  my own existence, unwanted and doomed to banish through an excision without any dosage of sedatives. Writing is the backbone of my very soul. Without my literary executions and freedom therein, the imminent grisly murder of my literary existence comes close for its eternal repose.

          I severely miss writing, those beautiful moments when all I could hear are the keys I am pounding on my keyboard and there’s my favorite music on I-tunes, an instrumental version of Moon River keeping the entire me a heavenly company. And one dreadful idea just popped out of my head, I so want this very music to be at my funeral. Well, excuse me for thinking about my ‘earthly departure’, it’s one thing that should be given a preparation just like other special occasions in which moments are celebrated with festivity, right? It’s a departure that could be experienced only once in a lifetime. Hence, has to be special and significant. Oh, whatever.

       Pardon me for if I have summoned myself into some kind of idiosyncrasy here as this literary litany goes on and on.

            I suppose, this kind of departure should be written as another story.  Forgive me, my longing for writing is severely pushing towards the limits of this particular narrative. Meanwhile, I am thinking of having a mug of peppermint tea as I consume words in this writing.  To my disgust, Mr. Mickey Mouse stole it, taking advantage of the hospitality of my unattended storage box.

           I miss this moment when my mind goes on and on, traveling with words, phrases and sentences, conveying the thoughts on things that made me mad, scared and even soothed the cares in me.  I don’t know why writing is such a special thing to me. Probably it’s the bond that never abandon me despite how my moods would likely threaten my thoughts and snob my imagination. Yeah, thoughts seem to evaporate when I switch off my brain. And writing becomes a distant thing, a complete stranger whom I could barely recognize the feeling towards it when it gets back to my system. It’s like having an amnesia, leaving things all of a sudden because the brain becomes deserted, helpless, drained and losing it’s capacity to recognize it’s valuable elements of functions.

            Well, I must admit that I am still lucky. That despite of my hopelessness and mental ‘deterioration’, I guess writing still welcomes me and embraces my literary incapacity towards my very self after my long journey of absence.  That despite of my hesitations towards its welcoming door, it still pushes the urge in me to keep the pace and maintain the boil at par. I must be thankful that writing still considers my existence in its field as a relevance entity. Okay, actually, I am not telling  here that I am kind of an illustrious writer that I am whose caliber should be on top and must keep my presence in the circulation no matter what the hell is going on. I am neither that nor like that, hmm, am just being flaky I guess.

            Here, I am making an important admission, my emotions are suffocated without breathing words, my minds turns unwell when words are out of reach. Words have to be taken out of the bitter caresses of our mental manipulations. I could always hear them shouting two words of letting go: ‘RELEASE ME’. Damn, I need my pen, my notebook and my laptop just to release myself from literary imprisonment. I need to be drugged by words and push the limits.

            I must also admit, my words are like swords that can inflict lifelong pain. They can be considered as laughing gases that when released through literary air, could really cause one’s terrible literary high, of course I am kidding.

            I always believe in the freedom of individual expressions,  I long for my readers’ feedback. I long for their commentaries to flood my writings. And I don’t mind the rebounds convey heartbreaking wisdom because perfectly, this writing badly needs an overhaul as I still find my way back to my literary self after a long time spent in the niche of hibernation.

            Indeed, this feeling of longing is so severe. For now, writing flows in my veins already and hope to get more of it as it grows giant to mesmerize the inner core of me.

              Read me and let me hear from you. Ciao!

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5 Rewarding Summer Acts You Can Get For Yourself

Summer is finally getting powerful with its heat all over us. Bet, you cannot wait to push yourself into the limits for this summer break. Get excited, get a tan! So keep yourself busy, enjoy the hoopla while the heat is on.  Get sun bathe or whatever you want to mark yourself with an unforgettable summer treats for this year along with your family and friends.

So, what are the top five must-do in your summer list?  Here are a few of summer activities you can try, if you think your listed activities are too short for this year’s summer. Go and take a look of the following and enjoy!

Give Your Family A Summer Treat

If your home is too far to get to the beach and if you think it’s too expensive to go out of town to enjoy summer heat, grab your favorite swim wears and head to the nearest indoor or outdoor water park. Get the whole family to indulge into this as a family outing. Plan this out a week earlier. Check out your town’s directory for any conducive water parks in your area. Inquire for its complete facilities and availability. Don’t forget to ask for promo stubs and group rates. It doesn’t hurt to ring some helpful queries, right?

 Consider this idea as your family’s bonding time. And make it as an unforgettable summer treat for each member of your family. See to it that everyone coming is excited and is available for this summer outing. You can act as the family organizer yourself. Make everyone comfortable and lead your family to a summer bliss.

 It’s Rewarding To Take Volunteer Acts For Your Community

Form a volunteer group among your circle of friends to become reading buddies for an orphanage or home for the aged. Story-telling is one of the most enjoyable activities that kids enjoy and for the elders as well. You can include other arts oriented activities such as drawing, scrap booking, crafts and writing to sooth their minds. While forming your group, it’s good to identify interested friends who can do the aforementioned activities or if they have any referrals who can lend their free time to do these volunteer tasks. Being a volunteer, especially in sharing your free time with these activities is very rewarding, so go ahead and have some organizing. Make sure that you are inviting friends who share the same values. Don’t forget to share the fun and excitements to your beneficiaries while doing this charitable act.

 Embark On An Online Business

If you have talent like drawing, crafting or writing, why not combine pleasure with business online? If you have accounts like facebook, tumbler, myspace and twitter already (or create one if you haven’t signed up yet), you can post samples of these and include some promotional information that you are accepting drawing and writing jobs.

On the other hand, crafting is also one of the most popular online businesses on the world wide web nowadays besides of drawing and writing. By posting your craft samples (beaded necklaces, rings, earrings, cellphone blings and more) through your online accounts, you can sell them at the same time you’re not missing the selling opportunities. And you’ll just realize you’re already taking marketing as your online job and you are your own boss.

 Summertime also, is the perfect time to browse the net and look for online jobs for writing, especially if you are a student looking for a summer job. There are a lot of online sites where you can post your interesting articles and eventually earn. Writing can be a draining idea of earning but when you think you’re good at it and you are armed with writing skills, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Don’t become wasted by keeping that talent under suspension.

 Organize Summer Arts Workshops

 Ever heard of summer arts workshops? Teach your crafts through income generating workshops and earn. Both drawing and writing are top two arts oriented skills that can be taught through summer workshops. Nowadays, learning arts through this informal training is popular among children, adults and parents as well. And summer is the best time for them to devote their free time to engage in learning these valuable skills. So if you have the drive, move it! Make a strategic plans because competition can be stiff among workshop organizers. Creating an attractive workshop package can be a very challenging task in organizing but hey, be creative and resourceful enough to become a winner in your own way. Don’t worry, if you think gathering your clients is tasking nowadays, you can just go online messaging to post about your business and voila, your prospective customers are just click away. Get your support group to involve, especially your family and friends. Let them know about your business plans and get recommended through them as your networks.

 Go Green This Summer

Become green-oriented this summer. Summer is the time to feel our surroundings, our environment, and heed the calls of Mother Earth. Go and invite your friends to talk about how to help revive Mother Earth in your own simple ways like planting trees in your area or backyards. Not just trees, but also include some vegetables in your garden. You can start patronizing organic vegetables by this summer and make it a habit for your family. Having your own source of healthy veggies also helps you save your money.

 So, organize your own group to make this as your organization’s volunteer act every summer, and considering your projects as long-term helpful solutions to the diminishing green colors of our very own Mother Earth.

 Summer comes once a year and it’s the best season to work on your great ideas and get involved in very rewarding activities which can give you lifetime consolations and rewards. Make it memorable and unforgettable not only for your family but also for your friends. Summer is a good time to learn new things as lifetime achievements and it is also the perfect time to do volunteer acts for others. Have an enjoyable summer treats this year!

Fallacy Of Love

Painted in pastel colors
In a scented paper
Ink splattering
Like shower
Making you thoroughly wet
Of his lines
Even tenses lied
In front of your iris
These, he sealed
In an envelope
Which the other girl
Used to own.

Freeing The Writer Within

(One of the articles found in my literary archive which I have written for a compulsory obligation.  Most ideas conveyed here are not too new to add  to your cerebral knowledge, but I am sharing it anyway. Enjoy and have great time  writing. Don’t forget to express your comments and suggestions as well at the bottom. My sincere appreciation to that.)

          Are you one of those who crave the thoughts of writing and yet, don’t seem to know how to start? Writing is very much rewarding. It helps your veins take stressful thoughts into the deep pit and seek the windows of refreshing and recharging outlets.

            On the other hand, especially for the gentlemen, you don’t want your rival(s) to sway your way behind them when he has been winning your would-be-girlfriend’s heart with his pages of love renditions, right? This is head-cracking when you know you are almost at the finish line fishing for her precious Y-E-S.

            Corny as it may seem, but the aforementioned scenario is still one of the most discussed subjects – love, in letter writing between two individuals who burned in a compassionate affair, whether you want to believe this or not. Nest to it is friendship. (My gratitude to those who still believe in the power of letter writing, in spite of the interference of the electronic mail. Truly, nothing can be compared to the most effective tool in moving one’s soul.). We write letters about these subjects to express our feelings toward things we are very much bothered, concerned or occupied with.

         Writing is a self-expression. We write to communicate ideas and to “soothe the cares and lift the thoughts of other persons.” Whatever you are, whoever you are, no exemption exists, especially in this field of writing –letter writing. Here, the reader does not only read the lines (in the epistle or missive–other names for letter) and absorb the thoughts containing the letter, but also reading the writer himself/herself.

               If you are still learning this craft, you can still learn how to write perfectly, at least with mechanism. It takes a long process to be a writer, even just simply making a letter. Most of all, you must have the urge inside to scribble into the lines the thoughts which you may have in mind. It is called the passion to write, and first thing is you have to develop  and continue this craft simultaneously.

             In an old book titled,  Writing Down The Bones (Freeing The Writer Within), author Natalie Goldberg writes: “Place where you are writing what you mind actually sees and feels, not what it thinks it should see or feel.”

           “The aim is to burn through to first thoughts to the place where the energy is unobstructed by social politeness or the internal censor, to the place where you are writing what your mind actually sees and feels, not what it thinks it should see or feel.”

             Goldberg’s pointers for making the best billet-doux:

            Just keep your hands moving and writing.  Don’t pause to reread the line you just wrote.

            Don’t cross out. That is editing as you write. Even if you put down something you didn’t mean to say, leave it for the moment. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Don’t even be concerned with staying within the margins and lines on the page.

              Lose control.  Let your feelings speak for yourself.

           Touch a nerve.  If something comes up in your writing that is scary or naked, dive right into it. It probably has lots of energy. After you’ve made your rough draft of everything you want to say, begin improving on it without appearing colorless. Purge all unnecessary words from each sentence.

           Be original. It’s easy to slide into clichés in a love letter, don’t. Include appropriate quotations, but always name their author (e.g., “When I think of what your love has done for me, I remember the words of Elizabeth Barret Browning: “The face of all the world is changed, I think since I heard the footsteps of thy soul.”

             Be cautious in the beginning stages of romance. Effusive love letters have killed relationships.

             Time it right. Don’t send love letters on a birthday, anniversary, or when you are quarreling. Like all forms of unbridled affection, a mushy note is most effective when it comes as a surprise.

              Goldberg’s pointers are simply the basic backbones in writing. These are the ideas that can simply guide you in allowing words to capture your feelings and your thoughts. Let your feelings come out and be read. Ideas are meant to be expressed, read, known and most of all, journalised in any way we can. In this digital era of ours, every word to express our emotions are meant to be captured, documented and the best of all is to be remembered through our writings.

               Identify your self through your own words. Find life in the universe of writing.

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